Things to remember

Illinois fishing lisc.

Dress for the weather

Something to eat and drink


I know it costs alot to hire a guide but I will do everything in my power to make sure you have an enjoyable day.

With that being said I can not control mother nature.

I will clean your catch at the end of the day and bag it for you to take home so dont forget a cooler to transport your fish home.

I will provide all equipment for your fishing but if you prefer to use your own rods that is fine but try not to bring any extra tackle boxes,coolers etc. it just clutters up our space in the boat.

I will provide all the lures and tackle that we will need.

I don't charge a down payment for your trip so if you book a date I am trusting that you will not cancel at the last minute,I know things come up but if you must cancel on short notice I will work with you on a small cancellation fee.

If we are cancelled because of weather we will reschedule another date.

I guide on 3 central Illinois lakes so I have more than 1 option if a certain lake is not producing.

Book your trips early to ensure a date.

                  Thanks, Todd

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